Some initial feedback from a few of our customers…

“Really Enjoyed it. The whiskies were top-notch, expensive and generous measures. I liked them all especially the Aberlour A’Bunadh and the Springbank…” Mel

“Great idea, well executed so thanks again, I’ll happily recommend it any opportunity I get and I really really hope it takes off and you have loads of fun doing it.” Gill

“I enjoyed the tour very much indeed. I know a reasonable amount about Glasgow but thanks to the tour I learned lots of interesting new stuff.” Tam

It was an excellent mixture of whisky info, whisky tasting, whisky pubs, Glasgow architecture and stunning cityscape. Even better than I expected.” Mel

“I went from thinking I didn’t like whisky to coming home and buying 2 bottles and am excited to keep learning!” Leanne

“I really struggle to find words that describe the fun we had, as well as learning some great history, tales and tasting some great whisky and some greater whisky (there are no bad whiskies)”. Alan

“The tour was really enjoyable and I’d highly recommend it. Mark was a really great tour guide. Great blend of architecture, history and good whisky” Francis

“A good variety of whiskeys and their intriguing history, and some very interesting facts and tales about Glasgow and how it came to be the majestic city it is today. We would thoroughly recommend this tour to anybody”. James

“We have friends coming to Glasgow next year for our wedding from across the globe, we will definitely be taking them on a Dramble tour!” Alan

“I highly recommend Dramble Tours to anyone visiting Glasgow, both in terms of seeing the city and learning about whisky. Thanks again for a great afternoon!” Leanne

“A huge big thank you to Dramble Tours for our perfect tour yesterday. We couldn’t have wished for a better day out!” Doris

“Dramble Tours – what a fabulous idea! Totally loved hearing about the history of the architecture of the city. Dramble Tours Rules!”  Jennifer

“From the Water of Life to the cities water supply, from Glasgow’s saints to some great spirits, this is a terrific way to pass an afternoon broadening one’s knowledge and making new friends” Andrei

“Mark couldn’t have been more accommodating and dedicated to making our Dramble perfect. And it was. Such fun, go Dramble with Mark, people!!” Doris

“Mark is an enthusiastic knowledgeable host, & you are guaranteed to have a great time” Lynne

“Learn about whisky’s history and production, with interesting stories and anecdotes, as well as the science and craftwork behind its production. And you get to sample, and appreciate, some of its rich varieties. What is not to like?” Andrei

“An excellent way to spend a bank holiday Monday! Mark is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about both whisky and Glasgow”  Gill

“This was the best tour I have ever been on! I do not say that lightly, or because it includes a good amount of top quality single malt whiskey…. Mark’s passion for whiskey and love for Glasgow’s history is evident and infectious” Emma

“If you have any interest at all in history, architecture, or whisky, this is the one tour you must do while you’re in Glasgow. If you have no interest in any of those, you will by the end of the tour” Jeff

More to follow soon…

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