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Dramble Tours combines two fun activities in a unique WHISKY WALKING TOUR of Glasgow. Join us on a 6 hour informative historical walking tour through parts of the city of Glasgow and on the way partake in a comprehensive whisky tasting in some of the best whisky bars in the country.

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The Tour

A fun tour full of interesting facts and amazing stories. Starting in the city centre, take a guided tour through to Glasgow’s West End. Learn about the wonderful architecture and famous designers. Learn about the turbulent history of the city once named the second city of the empire, now Britain’s second largest shopping destination. Learn about what makes Glasgow such a fun, interesting and popular city.  More info…

The Whisky

Our experienced tour guide will talk you through everything there is to know about the wonderful golden liquid. The history; the manufacturing process; how to get the best from the nose and taste of your whisky; what makes one whisky different to another; and why Scottish whisky is the best in the world. All of this in some of the finest whisky bars in Scotland. More info…


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